What you see,
Isn’t really what you see,
There’s so much going on behind the scene,
It’s really not peaceful and green,
We see the earth is round,
Firm beneath we feel the ground,
It’s all I seem to be sure of anymore,
The rest seems to me myth and folklore,
This stage God set, I now understand,
There’s a reason He forbid the things He banned,
The tiny human mind is unable to see,
Behind the curtain draped over reality,
We’re in a box, surrounded by every side,
And there’s no possible place to hide,
This fantasy is their imagination,
For which we’ve developed such fascination,
We’re chained with iron fetters,
Glued to reading their letters,
It doesn’t matter what they claim,
They’re all playing a big game,
They don’t care about your money, your estate,
They’re only after ruining our fate,
While we’re busy making profit, buying the latest design,
They’re deviously making use of valuable time,
Are you still confused? Still behind bars?
For God’s sake, open the lids to your empty jars!
This place isn’t what you really think it is,
It’s not all about fame, glamour, showbiz,
Wake up I plead for you to open your eyes,
And respond to Islam’s desperate cries,
It’s an illusion, a cage of fantasy,
We need to get out for a blissful eternity,
So open your eyes! Awake!
It’s time to battle this world of fake.

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