It’s really not a cage,
As have thought people of every age,
It does not imprison, instead liberates,
From the darkness that for each waits,
Society, media, the common man, they’re all the same,
Unknowingly they’ve been coerced into giving this a bad name,
They say this doesn’t mean you’re deep in Iman, Islam,
And God doesn’t need it, so what’s the charm?
My sisters, you tell them I don’t do it for you,
And if God doesn’t need it, well I at least do,
You say there’s freedom of what you wear,
Then if I choose this, why do you care?
Whatever I wear on my head,
It’s because of what God has said,
I’m free, free from these worldly chains,
I don’t heed to your absurd claims,
My goal is to please God, not you,
So why waste time trying to others woo?
I know the reality of my existence,
From you I need no assistance,
I cover my head and I am glad,
It helps me see what if truly bad,
It makes me feel clean; it makes me feel blessed,
So why should I be so stressed?
I am protected; I know God is with me,
I am confident and proud, I don’t need you key,
I can walk with my head high, no regret,
No part of my life do I ever have to reject,
Say what you want to say, I don’t care,
God will reward me, this world’s never fair.

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