Change the grey

Divide and rule,
It’s the greatest tool,
Distract, then attack,
It’ll make them fall back,
My people don’t you see what’s happening today?
The hairs on our head are turning grey,
We are losing strength, and common sense,
While our youthful neighbours build up the fence,
We take our stick; wave it in the air,
It only makes the neighbour glare,
Stung, we come back feeling defeated,
Though inside we know we’re being cheated,
The sunrays are getting blocked, flowers are dying,
The beautiful butterflies now don’t come flying,
It’s now darker, we stumble and fall,
All we do then is bang our heads against the fence wall,
My people, it’s not yet that late,
Let’s not resign to whatever fate,
All we need to do is help ourselves,
Take out that Book of God from the dusty shelves,
Look within yourself, decide what’s wrong,
Change it for good, let’s become strong,
God says He’ll help us if we’re good,
I believe that we could,
If only we’d criticize our own spirit,
Find whatever bug and kill it,
Then will we relive our past glory,
For God gave them this same story,
Then can we look past the other’s face,
And fully understand their case,
Then can we join hands and believe,
It was useless to point fingers and grieve,
My people it is finally time to go,
And rid of this evil which is our foe,
So come, let us stand united and sing,
We are the army of our only King!

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