In God’s holy name

It’s been enough, this cannot continue,
You used my name, yet unfeelingly then slew,
You caused misery, you caused pain,
You abolished the crop and destroyed the grain,
You did so abusing life’s greatest claim,
“I commit in God’s holy name”,
What I make halal, you ignore,
Go after everything else until you’re sore,
You shoot; you kill for money and fame,
All the while going, “In God’s holy name”,
You disrupt peace, and rob my men,
Then come take refuge in my own den?
You bomb my land and plan more blood,
Until everything’s piled into ruins and mud,
You hate, you fight, you swear,
But never do you try to love or care,
You fill your hearts with prejudice,
Chasing away any possible bliss,
You disobey Me and My crew,
And say, “Lord, we did it for you”,
You torture women and children, then smile,
And flaunt about your new style,
You indulge yourself in this dark abyss,
And obey the devil’s every hiss,
You sin and say, “God will always forgive”,
Oh what a narrow, ignorant life you live,
You cheat and steal and lie and take pride,
Then say, “God’s on our side”,
You have to think of who you hire,
Because I created both, gardens and fire.

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