Even the heavens cry, knowing we’ve surrendered,
Then the ground weeps, as we have blundered,
The sun hides behind the clouds in shame,
Thinking we were given God’s message in vain,
Our forefathers’ silent graves lay still,
Horrified that we could go so far to kill,
Our own self, our own fate,
And let loose all kinds of hate,
Our first cry is Satan’s touch,
Yet a leader most find him such,
He conspires, then sneers,
Rages fires, then cheers,
I say we’re young yet easily sold,
And he’s old, yet unquestionably bold,
But hasn’t God ensured us more strength?
And definite victory at length?
God, our only master, borne us free,
Yet we strangely purchase slavery,
We think we have freedom, we think we have a life,
But all we do throughout is battle Dajjal’s knife,
We grope our way through this forest, these vines,
Forgetting about Satan’s fatal land mines,
The birds warn and scream, they don’t sing anymore,
Trying to tell us of what evil has in store,
Flowers stay closed, too tortured to see,
Us, but we keep going “me, me and me”,
Trees offer their branches, to protect us and shade us,
But we reject them to accept the heat, smoke and fuss,
Though the small group of alive tend to the ill,
The sick get sicker until they’re pale and still,
It’s a long way to go, a tough war to fight,
But we’ve got to hold hands and keep tight,
This is one test we cannot fail,
To tell the devil we are not for sale!

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