In a town of Syria, a 3 year old boy cries,
Dying because of their deception and lies,
They who claimed to be or best friend, our only hope,
The one piece of help for our lives to cope,
With the pressures, the animosity,
Strangely from our very own family,
We’re told to honour our state above all,
Whereas the prophet said nationalism would be our fall,
It’s Iraq vs. Iran, Pakistan vs. Saudi,
 Everyone’s quick to claim their royalty,
 What happened to the day when Umar said,
 I worry for even a single lamb dead?
A Kashmiri man fights armies to save his mother,
 An Afghan boy plays bombs with his brother,
 In Israel, even the stone represents Palestine,
 While we’re afraid to cross the borderline,
 One borderline.
Someone’s black, someone’s white, someone’s an even brown,
One’s poor and homeless, one holds a gold crown,
But we’re not supposed to differentiate nor care,
 For God made sure he made a religion fair,
 So what if the other speaks a different language,
Everyone’s wounds are ours to bandage,
 Even across the line, we have brothers and sisters,
 Who’ve been afflicted with the same wounds, blisters,
 So why be afraid to cross the borderline?
 One bloody borderline.

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