hi hdjeid

Heya, do people still live here? It’s probably better if they don’t – I won’t worry about an audience reading this.
Do writers crave fame? Or is anonymity the way to our ultimate, secret bliss?
Is it possible to ignore that want, that press attention, that media kiss?
Why am I even on here, jao zindagi jeeo, sab ko karao miss.
Get your act together, sis.


Hello people

I don’t know why I even bother posting something here anymore, but when I do, you know I’m either procrastinating doing something or am extremely bored!

I don’t know how many of you (if anyone even reads this anymore lol) remember my religious confusions but I think I’m slowly finding answers – not that this interests anyone but oh well. I’m kind of glad I’ve found something, even if it goes against a lot of what people around me think is right and wrong. I’ve just learned to not speak about beliefs and all that bla out loud haha.

I’m very proud to say my farsi has been coming along well – considering I have no one to practice it with and am teaching myself lol. I tried to start Turkish, too, but that is fairly basic. The language I really want to learn now is Pushto! Or rather Pukhto I think.

If you’re wondering about what I’m procrastinating, I was the idiot who thought it would be a good idea to take part in a competition in the holidays and now I realise I do not have the will power to complete my project for it – still got a month to go though!

Oh, and I wrote a book, kind of. But apparently if I publish it I will be the cause of family problems. I’ve turned into such a problem magnet, but meh I will figure something out!

I hope someone is actually reading this, and if you are, drop in and say hi! I need to be more motivated I wouldn’t mind being given a little quote or something to keep me going.

Thank you my lovelies 🙂

Btw is anyone else waiting for game of thrones? I am positively craving it!


Hello! I know I know I’ve come back here sooner than I usually do haha but I’m here to advertise myself a wee bit!

So I’ve started this account on Instagram @maharani180 and I’m trying to start a little business with what I sketch! I’m starting fairly basic but I’ve got plans to do more.

And I’m not bad! I’ve sold before – and to someone most of you would know of! I’m sure that’s one purchase Tam won’t ever regret 😂